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for Brainspotting, Trauma work + Autism

Brainspotting has had an incredible impact on my own life and I never tire of witnessing its miraculous healing effects. Consultation is some of the most rewarding work that I get to do as a therapist. I am an official Brainspotting Consultant and any hours spent with me in consultation can be counted towards your Brainspotting Certification. I trained under Lisa and Kelly Larson in California and you might catch me at one of their trainings where I love to support new Brainspotters.


(I also provide consultation for clinicians needing support with Autistic or potentially Autistic clients.)

Advanced training in:

- Phases one through four 

- Expansion

- Performance enhancement


- Addiction

- Spiritual growth

- Intersectionality

- Liberation models

- Relational and developmental/attachment issues

- Narcissistic familiies 

- Neurodiversity (specifically Autism Affirming)

- LGBTQ2S+ (I identify as queer)

If you are interested in setting up a consultation session with me, please fill out my contact form below and include your availability.

Consultation fee: $190 per hour

(please inquire about a reduced fee if you identify with a historically marginalized group)

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