Resources for Coronavirus (COVID-19)

National Suicide Hotline:
Dial: 988

Kathryn's Top Tips

Feeling safer starts with calming the mind. Vergence exercises flex the occular nerve behind our eyes which turns on our parasympathetic nervous system to calm our brain and body. Practice this exercise daily for 3 minutes.

*Headphones required*

When our brain senses danger, it can tend to get stuck in a cycle of anxiety or worry. We can't calm our external world right now, but we can actively calm our body and mind with biolateral music.

The coronavirus is out of our control. This makes us feel helpless and hopeless. Learn more about how to bring structure, consistency, and control back to your life now. 

Staying safe at home during this pandemic impacts our regular daily movement. Get up, move your body a little, and feel that aliveness come back with free bilingual dance lessons on Instagram Live from Matthew Armstrong + Lux Boreal. 

Additional Resources