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Therapy for Fibromyalgia,

Chronic Fatigue + Chronic Pain

Online Therapy available anywhere in California

Living with chronic pain, fatigue, or Fibromyalgia can feel so isolating in an ableist society. If you live with these conditions, you probably feel misunderstood by friends, family, employers, and doctors.


The science shows that these chronic pain and fatigue conditions often stem from childhood trauma or other significant events. This means, that in order to get the relief you seek, working through your past traumas is your best chance. 


In 2003, David Grand, PhD discovered a cutting-edge therapy that proved an effective brain-based therapy treatment for Fibromyalgia and chronic pain/fatigue. For the past 17 years his Brainspotting approach has revolutionized the treatment of trauma-induced body pain.

Learn more about Brainspotting here. 

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