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Autism, Aspergers + Neurodiversity Therapy + Assessments

Online Therapy available anywhere in California

My practice focuses on: 

  • Managing life stress

  • Strengthening communication

  • Building resiliency

  • Educational therapy

  • School consultations

  • Parent consultation for their adult children

  • Consultation for clinicians working with ASD + Neurodivergence

Assessments for Adults Include:

  • Three sessions (50 minutes each)

  • Diagnosis

  • Gender-expansive inclusion

  • Anxiety management plan

  • Employment + educational exploration

  • Processing + sensory considerations

  • Referrals and resources
  • Option to continue for weekly therapy sessions if deemed appropriate

*I do not provide detailed neuropsychological evaluations. If you are seeking a detailed report for processing or sensory needs, you should seek out a neuropsychologist.*

I celebrate neurodiversity and I want people who may be self-diagnosed or denied diagnosis to get the professional assessments and answers they need. Sessions include some thoughtful and gentle conversations relevant to your neurology and a collaborative investigation to help you determine your next steps.

Therapy for navigating a neurotypical-oriented world:

For neurodivergent people, living in a world designed for neurotypical people can be so stressful and unpredictable! You might feel like you're always trying to learn the rules and expectations of others, or you might find social interactions exhausting or stressful. If coping with daily life has been hard for you, I'd love to help you live your life more fully and release some of the anxieties you have been carrying. If you happen to also be gender diverse and/or a person of color, these added layers of your identity will not be left out. Many of my clients have felt great relief from anxiety and worry through Brainspotting therapy. Brainspotting is a brain-based therapy that helps release anxiety and past trauma. 


  • 12 years experience with the Autistic community in therapy and education

  • I support the Neurodiversity Paradigm and I reject cure culture

  • I focus on the emotional experience, not behavioral interventions

  • My work pulls from the latest findings in neuroscience, psychology, and education

  • I am a specialist, but I am not an expert, because I am neurotypical

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