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Anti-Racism +

Social Justice 


Reduced fee for BIPOC + QPOC clients


Black Mental Health

Anti-Racism Resources for White People

White Noise Collective

Support Black Owned Businesses in the Bay Area

Social Justice for Therapists


Asian American Peer Counseling 

currently open for counseling until 4/16 to help folks process recent violence

Asian Mental Health Collective 

Directory of AAPI therapists + resources

Brainspotting Therapy Oakland is Anti-Racist, pro-Black/African American and pro-AAPI. When practicing good ally-ship to the Black/African-American and AAPI communities, therapy becomes an essential healing tool to help white-identifying people unlearn harmful prejudices and learn to activate their privilege to support the BIPOC community by becoming more explicitly anti-racist. 

Therapy is also a place for BIPOC to heal from systemic and ancestral trauma. Black lives MATTER. Indigenous lives MATTER. Asian and Pacific Islander lives MATTER. This means ALL BIPOC, including queer black lives and trans black lives, MATTER.

In order to lower the barrier to therapy services for BIPOC and QPOC in California, a separate reduced fee schedule for therapy is available. These spots fill quickly, but please ask. 

Numbers to Call in the Bay Area instead of the police\



Foster children/young adults in Alameda county:  800-491-9099

Alameda county mental health mobile crisis: 510-891-5600


A safe place, DV hotline in Oakland: 510-891-7233

Next door solutions to DV, San Jose: 408-279-2962


Trevor lifeline for crisis support: 866-782-5556


Crisis support services: 800-309-2131


Treatment and referral helpline: 844-682-7215


GVPCH, Regional housing crisis hotline: 866-750-4431

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