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Relational + Gestalt Therapy

Online Therapy available anywhere in California

My training in the post-modern theories of Relational and Gestalt therapy is at the core of my work. From this perspective, my clients are their own experts and we collaborate towards healing and personal growth. This approach is inclusive of all layers of experience including QPOC + BIPOC, gender expansive, and neuro-diverse as well as neuro-queer experiences. Therapy includes social-justice values and is explicitly anti-racist and pro-Black. 

Everything is meaningful

As a Relational - Gestalt Therapist, I help people cultivate curiosity and remove the judgment from their internal narratives. As we deconstruct the cultural pressures, family dynamics, thought processes, and past experiences that have molded you into who you are today, we will start to see where change is possible.

Relational - Gestalt work includes: 

  • Increasing Self-awareness

  • Experiential work

  • Client - centered Approach

  • Relational feedback

  • Social deconstruction

  • Hermeneutical Inquiry

  • Phenomenological Approach

  • Dialogue

  • Harm Reduction

  • Paradoxical Theory of Change

  • Somatic experiencing

  • Shame Reduction

  • Transparency

  • Accountability 

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