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Kathryn Sills-Payne, LMFT

Psychotherapist in California

Online Therapy available anywhere in California


As a queer-identified and spiritually-identified woman with experience in interracial, same-sex relationships, I integrate many layers. I work with clients that have complex experiences. Many communities honor one part of our identity while ignoring the other. In my practice, I actively include all your layers: LGBTQ+, gender, race, ethnicity, Autistic/ Aspergers/ Neurodivergence (Neurospiciness), spirituality, parenthood, and all other experiences existing outside the white supremacist hetero-patriarchy. Diverse people need to be able to tell their stories. Therapy is a reprieve from the pressures of a cruel world and all its senseless bullying. I reject oppression and the harm it causes our bodies, minds, and hearts. I have dedicated my life to promoting women, queer, trans/enby, BIPOC, and neurodiversity acceptance on many platforms.

My Background and Experience

I studied at University College London, consistently ranked a top ten university for psychology worldwide. At the University of Southern California and Pepperdine University, I further developed my clinical psychology expertise. I developed a strong Relational-Gestalt framework by training intensively at the Relational Center in Los Angeles. I was also trained in Brainspotting, a brain-based revolutionary new therapy for rapid and effective growth which was discovered by David Grand, PhD. In 2018, Daniel Franklin, PhD, acknowledged my support and intellectual contributions to his book Helping Your Child with Language-Based Learning Disabilities, published during my time as a director at Franklin Educational Services in Southern California.

My Approach

Many people fear meeting with a therapist for the first time. Will it be too intense? Will they "get" what I'm going through? Will I really start to feel better? So they put off that first appointment because it can feel scary to take a chance on someone they’ve never met. I get it. My utmost priority is in helping people find the best care. I have trained intensively in many different approaches of psychotherapy and over the years I have thrown out every technique and theory that has not proven to make a significant difference for my clients. In my experience, one approach has proven to really work: humanistic Relational-Gestalt therapy combined with Brainspotting treatments.

Here is why my approach works:
1. It feels genuine and authentic for my clients and myself.

2. It is a mind, body, + spirit approach.

3. It provides deep and permanent relief from anxiety, sadness, trauma, and triggering experiences.
2. It cuts through surface symptoms to deeper issues that really need our attention.
3. It is affirming and inclusive of diverse experiences.
4. It feels safe and transformative.
5. Although we collaborate, as the client, you are the expert on your own healing.

My Values

I value freedom from trauma, first and foremost. I value a meaningful relationship with oneself, others, and any higher power one might acknowledge. I value showing up—however you are. I value honesty with myself and others, which touches on being genuine and transparent. I value hermeneutical inquiry (uncovering meaning) and a phenomenological lens (seeking to understand your lived experience). I value curiosity and radical inclusion. I value a diverse community, healthy interdependence, and social justice.


Areas of Expertise + Interest:

  • Purpose, Life Meaning + Deep Spiritual Connection 

  • Autism + Aspergers + Neurodivergence (including diagnosis and assessment)

  • Persons Recovering from Traumatic Events + Experiences

  • Persons with Fibromyalgia

  • TGNC + Gender Expansive Identities

  • Women of Color + Queer Women of Color

  • Queer Christians

  • LGBTQ+ 

  • Artists + Athletes (for creativity + performance enhancement)

  • Persons with Histories of Physical or Emotional Abuse

  • Persons recovering from Narcissistic Trauma

Supplemental Training or Certification Completed

  • Brainspotting for Trauma Healing

  • Gestalt Psychotherapy

  • Relational Psychotherapy

  • Humanistic Psychotherapy

  • Trauma-Informed Psychotherapy

  • Educational Therapy

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