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Brainspotting Therapy Oakland + California

Online Therapy available anywhere in California

with Kathryn Sills-Payne, LMFT

Can I really heal all my trauma?

Why am I always so unsatisfied in my relationships?

Everyone thinks I have

it all together...

but inside I'm a wreck.

I feel so alone.

Brainspotting Therapy Oakland

helps people who feel

alone & misunderstood

feel seen & heard.

Are you feeling unseen or misunderstood by the people in your life?

Do you feel like your past is haunting you?

Does anxiety keep you from feeling your best?

Feeling this way can make us want to give up on people, our personal goals, and sometimes even ourselves. Together, we can help you feel seen and appreciated, strengthen your relationships, and help you love yourself.

Why can't I finish anything I start?

Does my life have meaning?

Why don't I like myself?

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